I Absolutely Love This Ad! Lacoste “Life is a Beautiful Sport” campaign SS14 – The Big Leap

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 11.49.34 AM

I’m a romantic. 😍 It’s something I knew about myself from the beginning…(for better or worse!) and I have the riches and battle scars¬†a¬†tumultuous romantic history in tow to prove it! Anyway, this ad is brilliant. I love the way it captures the way it feels to fall in love…the unfathomable risk of connecting with another human being on this soul bearing level.

Pair that with the way the concept of the product is wrapped in, in a way that actually feels authentic and not like you just got duped into watching a commercial…KUDOS! Great writing, editing, visual effects, color, casting, cinematography, acting, music…everything. We need more ads like this in the world!

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